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Break Away - Lyrics co-written by Lead singer Steve Lee & Sheri Pedigo, performed by Switzerland's #1 Rock Band - Gotthard is one of the songs on their "Need To Believe" album (2009). An original video had
3,147 views 09-06-2009, in first week of upload on August 26, 2009
5,274 views 09-12-2009 (17 days since upload). However they moved to Vevo, so I made my own version and uploaded on my own Youtube channel.

Gotthard, a hard-rock band from Lugano in the Italian part of Switzerland and Bern in the German part. Gotthard is definitely one of the most famous and successful Swiss artist groups ever and almost every album has topped the Swiss charts since 1990.
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With 2 million albums sold (1 million of which were sold in Switzerland, which only has 7 million inhabitants), they managed to get multi-platinum awards in different parts of the world.

Influences include Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Whitesnake, Deep Purple and Aerosmith. Singer Steve Lee is especially fond of Whitesnake and has based his singing style on their lead singer David Coverdale.

Gotthard also performed “Immigrant Song” (originally by Led Zeppelin) live and it featured exclusively on a CD by Classic Rock (a long running monthly UK rock magazine). “Hush” was also performed live and can be found on Made In Switzerland album.

Another cover of a song they have recorded is “The Mighty Quinn”, originally called Quinn The Eskimo, by Bob Dylan.

Current line-up:
Steve Lee: Vocals
Leo Leoni: Lead Guitar
Freddy Scherer: Rhythm Guitar
Marc Lynn: Bass
Hena Habegger: Drums
(Nicolo Fragile - Keyboard)

September 2009 Cover Girl

Where I have been. Where I am going.

Prior Gotthard songs from the album "Lip Service"
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Upcoming Shows In Europe
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A metal band known as The #1 in Extreme Music

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